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Muscle-Ultrasound-Course (MUC) App

For proper administration of Botulinum toxin injections to patients, knowledge of anatomy is of crucial importance. C&B presents the MUC App with all important information for the relevant muscles in cases of dystonia and spasticity of the upper and lower limbs. The MUC App helps you to update your knowledge. It contains anatomical cross-sections, drawings, ultrasound images and videos for users in the iOS format, as well as Android on Smartphone (iPhone) and Tablet (iPad).

You can get the MUC App free of charge at the
App Store.


Films and websites

We make short films and websites.
These are for patient education or for further training of doctors. Up-to-date, creative, personal.

Are you looking for support for your idea or project? Talk to us.

You can get an impression of some of our previous projects here:


This involves developing and producing innovative presentations, books, monographs, web sites, digital film and media. Child&Brain products are characterized by their high quality, unusual approaches and optimized usability.

Therapie der Cerebralparese mit Botulinumtoxin

Grundlagen, Praxis, Atlas
von Steffen Berweck und Florian Heinen
unter Mitarbeit von Annette Franke

Format: 12 x 18 cm, Ringbuch
140 Seiten
Erschienen bei: Child&Brain München,
Berlin (2002)
ISBN: 3-9808441-0-2 Preis: 18,90 EURO


Blue Box Botulinumtoxin 1-3

von Florian Heinen und Steffen Berweck Urban M. Fietzek, Jörg Wissel
3 Bücher – illustriert:

von Andres Ceballos-Baumann, Urban Fietzek
von Steffen Berweck, Florian Heinen
von Jörg Wissel, Martin Huber, Klemens Fheodoroff

Format: 12 x 18 cm
Erschienen bei: Child&Brain München,
Berlin (2008)
ISBN: 978-3-456-84627-9
Preis: 39,90 EURO

Sono’s Anatomy

Fokus on Spasticity Targeting Botulinum Toxin Children & Adults
von Urban M. Fietzek, Steffen Berweck Jörg Wissel, Florian Heinen

Sprache: Englisch
Format: 10 x 18 cm, gebunden
204 Seiten – illustriert
Erschienen bei:
Child&Brain München, Berlin (2008)
ISBN: 978-3-9812678-0-8
Preis: 19,80 EURO