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About us


Child&Brain is patient-oriented.
Although C&B does not deal directly with patients, the interests of patients are in any case central to all our deliberations.

Child&Brain is independent.
The aim is to free the process of disseminating interests and knowledge in health service from the characteristic style of the advertising industry, and to direct it towards a more technical discussion.

Child&Brain is creative.
We develop concepts, look for unusual, tailor-made solutions and implement the solutions. In doing so, C&B generally takes a direct approach. Which is sometimes the better option.

Child&Brain is close to the point.
The shareholders and employees of C&B know the problems of the health service from personal experience. They are doctors and health professionals who occupy leading positions in clinical medicine and research. Their knowledge of day-to-day requirements, weak points and untapped opportunities fuses into the collaborative work with experts in communication, journalism and graphics.

Child&Brain is qualified.
For more than 16 years, C&B has been successfully organising and offering courses approved by the State Medical Council and the Working Group on Botulinum toxin, as well as by DEGUM, for doctors and physiotherapists. 


  • Annerose Berweck

    Annerose Berweck

    Geschäftsführung, Projektleitung,

    Es macht Spaß, jeden Tag mit einem so kompetenten und motivierten Team zusammen zu arbeiten.

  • Dr. Kristina Ruland

    Dr. Kristina Ruland


    Hoch spezialisierte klinische Fertigkeiten und deren praxisnahe Wissensvermittlung zeichnen Child&Brain aus. Ich bin froh, das Team bei dieser Arbeit unterstützen zu können.